Martha Ffion - 'We Make Do’

Earlier this week Glasgow-based songwriter Martha Ffion announced 2018 will see the release of her much anticipated debut album 'Sunday Best'. The announcement of this exciting development coincided with Ffion revealing the stream of brand new track ‘We Make Do’.

 Leading with a delicate piano line ‘We Make Do’ is the perfect example of Martha Ffion's now familiar pendulative, lilting pop style.

 Giving credit where it is due, one has to to mention the playful, if subtle production behind this track. Simple garnishes including vocals manipulated to resemble the vintage sounds of an antique radio and drum sticks being played off of shells have been delicately applied not to distract the listener but rather to encourage us to appreciate the organic quality behind Martha Ffion's songwriting craft.

 This is a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come, we can't wait to hear more.



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