Calva Louise - Outrageous

It's no secret, we absolutely love Calva Louise; An unparalleled live band in both energy and originality, the Brighton based three piece long ago surpassed any need for pigeonholing... Surf rock, Garage-pop, Post-indie, call it what you will, just know that for us Calva Louise are simply the best guitar band currently active in the UK.

 The bands latest single 'OUTRAGEOUS' released today 14/06/18 is as one might expect from previous offerings [the hyperactive romp 'I'm gonna do well' or the more than slightly unhinged 'Getting closer'] is an absolute onslaught of over the top, bonkers, noise-pop goodness.

  Just to give you a flavour of the manic chaos on offer this time... the chorus sounds like the band finished a crate of redbull then tried to rewrite Iggy Pop's the passenger, whilst the calling card ringing calliope/whurlitzer type effect, that Jess uses as her signature guitar tone, evokes a out of control, off-kilter feel, perfect to the roller coaster ride of winding riffs, big sing along chorus', and jagged stuttering punctuated verses.

Calva Louise are Outrageous


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