Unknown Land - 'Moonlight'

We're just about to move from summer to the autumn here in the UK, and on the cusp of the September equinox we thought it would be fitting to move from our usually temperate climate here on Earthly Pleasures into the 'Dark Seasons' of the latest gloomily cinematic release from Australian/Chilean darkwave group Unknown Land.

The second long play release from the southern hemisphere synth duo, 'Dark Seasons' pervades a cold melancholia, throughout its eight tracks. However to a weathered listener there is a beauty to be found within the desolate atmosphere the group have created as it's bleak soundscapes glisten dimly with the onset of sudden frosts. Our choice cut 'Moonlight' is a perfect example of this frosty harshness of bass synthesizers and icily sharp percussion being soothed by the delicate vocals of  LucĂ­a Ponticas as they airily descend with the lightness of falling of leaves.

Pensive, rather than impassioned but nonetheless with a tangible intensity of feeling, 'Moonlight' is an excellent listen and an exemplary work of brooding dark-pop.


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