Our Girl - 'Stranger Today'

Shoegazing indie rockers Our Girl release their debut album 'Stranger Today' today. Out via Cannibal Hymns 'Stranger Today' is a torrential outpouring of intricate guitar driven rock reminiscent of groups like My Bloody Valentine. Opening track 'Our Girl', encapsulates everything that is good about this band, richly textured alternative rock with a subtley nestled pop immediacy.

While heavier fare is also on offer such as the grungy anthem 'Boring', our stand out track is the deceptively melodic 'In my Head', which for all its echoing overdrive, never overpowers the bittersweet vocals of Frontwoman Soph Nathan (The Big Moon). Nathan really shines on this release, her intimate lyrics drawing the listener in before the band embark on their cathartic bouts of instrumental noise.

Intelligently arranged, intricate to perform and impeccably produced, 'Stranger today' is a must listen for any self-respecting axe-head; and might just be one of our releases of the year.


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