Calva Louise - 'I Heard A Cry'

Earlier this year I heard a cry that has stayed with me ever day since. The unforgettable sound of fairground Grunge-popsters Calva Louise were the unrivaled highlight of my visit to this years Tramlines festival. The irrepressible joy that the trio exude on stage, enhanced by the hurtling velocity of their roller coaster guitar pop is simply mesmerizing.

I was lucky enough to get a teaser of the groups latest single I Heard A Cry at that festival show and i'm thrilled to share this carnivalesque blast of modern rock with you. It's raucous, giddy, brilliantly produced, giving the listener an ecstatic feeling of release.

Put simply this is just the latest proof to my long held belief that Calva Louise are the best guitar band in the UK right now. 


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