Gold Baby - 'What Party?'

"Hey!" the email reads "we're a slacker-pop band from London and we have a song we know you'll love... a party anthem for people with no friends!" Wow thanks guys, what gave it away the fact that it's 2018 and i'm writing a music blog?

Hats off to Gold Baby that's a pretty harsh way of pitching your debut single; harsh but tragic/comically accurate and in fairness to the group the song in question 'What Party?' happens to be a total banger so how could I say no really?

'What Party?’ is a memorable and promising work of melodic guitar driven indie-pop paired with a cheery reminder i'm going to die alone, which drives forward spurred on by the juddering guitar rhythm that runs counter to the flowing vocals of front-woman Si├ón Alex.

The track takes an unexpected turn around the three minute mark, briefly segueing into some impressionistic pixies esque noodling as a set up to the big indie-punk outro. This final flourish rewards big as dual vocals compete in a raucous counterpoint above a chaotic maelstrom of crashing dissonant chords.

Every ageing cat owner needs this song in their life.


*Photo Credit: Keira Anee Photography


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