Maria Kelly - 'July'

Last month we brought news of a gorgeous new EP titled ''Notes to self' by the confessional alt-Folk songwriter Maria Kelly. Having featured Kelly's deeply atmospheric single 'June' (October 2018) it only seems right that we do the same with it's follow up 'July' (Out now via Veta Records).

Don't be fooled by the summery title, 'July' as in the case of earlier offerings by Maria Kelly (see 'June' and 'Dark Places') is a track imbued with a deep emotional complexity that must be thoughtfully unpicked as Kelly explores the idea that we are ultimately in control of how we feel, and must take responsibility for what we choose to dwell on

I won't lie, I did have a bit of a weep while listening to this one. 'July' is such a delicate and beautifully put together single, one can't help but be moved by it's melancholic instrumentation and intelligent lyrics. However while that tear jerking quality is admirable I think the real brilliance of Kelly's music lies in her ability to so openly convey her feelings without filter.

On listening each new excerpt from this EP has felt like turning the page of someones diary; intimate to the point of being of being uncomfortable yes, but also honest, heartfelt and profoundly human . 


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