Giungla - 'In My Head'

'In My Head' is the latest introspective single from Italian electronic-alt-Pop artist Ema Drei, aka Giungla who perhaps best known for her harsh 2017 electro-punk single 'Cold' which was released ahead of her performance at that years SXSW.

Having taken time out in 2018 to work with producer Luke Smith (Depeche Mode, Foals, Anna Of The North). 'In My Head', is the first track to surface from these sessions, and what has been achieved is nothing short of remarkable. 'In My Head', is a ruminating, intelligent work of dark electronic pop, which shines with Ema's searching vocals plumbing the mysterious depths of this dark composition which resonates with pointed sequenced synths, underpinned by the subtlest of dance beats.

Melodic, immersive, and sophisticated in both its subject and execution, Giungla has once again proven herself as a reliable source for 'thinking persons' pop music.

Photo credit: "Giulia Mazza"


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