Sive - 'Do It All The Time'

Out now via Veta Records 'Do It All The Time' is the latest enchanting single from progressive alt-folk singer Sive, who impressed EP last year with the rich chamber ensemble sounds and jazz inspired rhythms of her autumn single 'Quietly'.

On 'Do It All The Time' we find Sive grappling with the subject of weaknesses and how difficult it can be to open up about your problems with others. The opening line 'I'm scared to be honest // because I don't know what you'll say' beautifully sets up what is a delicate and heartfelt lyrical outpouring that is at once deeply personal yet infinity relatable.

Musically, once again Sive's intricate ukulele melodies are spry and flighting, softly accompanying Sive's tender vocal performance with a lightness, that accentuates the shades of dark cast by the singles the subject matter. Intensely atmospheric, accompanied by soft strings and the light tapping of the most delicate of jazz percussion 'Do It All The Time' is another great listen.


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