Sam Valdez - 'Turn'

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Sam Valdez makes emotionally resonant pop tracks with richly textured guitar work that shimmers with dreamy shoegaze inflections and a subtle undercurrent of of indie folk.

Dealing with feelings of not being respected by others, Valdez's latest single 'Turn' brings a mature commentary on selfhood and values in a digestible atmospheric pop format. Opening with reverberating guitars, that echo short, bittersweet motifs, the listener is first introduced to the wistful vocals of Valdez as she half sings/sighs the loaded opening line 'can we forget?'

With a swaying 6/8 time signature investing the track with an understated anthemic feel there's a lot of mileage to be got from this 'Turn', which despite its minimal instrumentation has a tangible cinematic quality, as Valdez (having grown up in Nevada) somehow channels the vast, solitude of desert life in her contemplative songwriting.

Valdez is currently in the process of completing string of European tour dates supporting Giant Rooks. You can find out more about Sam and her music here.


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