LIINES - 'On and On'

It's should come as no surprise in 2019 that  Manchester trio LIINES have firmly cemented their reputation as one of the UK's leading alternative bands.

 As a recorded product the gritty three piece proved their mettle comprehensively with their outstanding 2018 debut album Stop-Start demonstrating that LIINES hard edged, post-punk sound demands respect for it's seething energy and lean songwriting. Meanwhile on the live front, the group have gone from strength to strength racking up an impressive CV of festival appearances and recently a spate of tour supports with the much celebrated Electro-Punks Sleaford Mods.

The new single On and On, will come as a welcome surprise for followers of the band; A mainstay of LIINES live show, the group have managed to capture some of the essential urgency of their live sound on this new cut. Opening with a feverish bout of electric guitar that relentlessly hammers home a stark riff On and On pervades a sense of foreboding gloom that is accentuated by the jagged drumming of Leila O’Sullivan.

An unsettling, agitated track, but with a satisfying directness and cutting quality, On and On is just one more reason we think you should be calling LIINES your new favorite band. 


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