Claudia Bouvette - 'Don't Like It'

There's a charming directness and spirited energy to the music of Claudia Bouvette which is at the fore of her new EP 'Cool it' [Out now Via Cult Nation].

The Montreal-based electro-pop artist has something of a knack for lean alternative pop-cuts, that sting with a sharp lyrical flow which is soothed by Bouvette's saccharine sweet vocals, that dust the icing on top of the sugary if fleeting synth-pop inflections of her music.

Her latest single 'Don't Like It' is the perfect introduction to Bouvette's animated take on bedroom-pop. From a bittersweet intro where vulnerable vocals are left exposed above bare atmospherics, the listener is quickly whisked away by perky synths and nimble drum ‘n’ bass rhythms.


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