Grace Gillespie - 'My Love Surreal'

We've had this on repeat all afternoon it's so good; 'My Love Surreal' is the latest wonky-pop marvel by the playful South London artist Grace Gillespie. With a certain retro aesthetic permeating everything from its 'The Mamas & Papas' style choral harmony to the detectable British Constructionist influence in the single art design, Gillespie successfully taps into one of the lesser drawn reserves of our pop heritage and the result is simply breathtaking.

'My Love Surreal' is the vintage chic of psychedelic-pop upcycled, polished and re-invigorated with pristine modern production. It's a gorgeously melodic tune but one with an undeniably left-field arrangement, embellished with the skillfully applied mod cons of contemporary studio production making for a truly satisfying listen.

‘My Love Surreal' is available on all platforms today (14th June), from her debut EP ‘Pretending’ out 28th June via Kaleidoscope.


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