ST.MARTiiNS - 'Want God'

We're once again quite taken with Tayside's dreamy alt-popsters ST.MARTiiNS; their latest single 'Want God' [Out now via LAB Records] fulfills the promise of forward thinking indie-pop we saw nascent in the groups 2018 single 'ur so pretty'.

Whilst 'Want God' may shimmer brightly with woozy guitars there's a much darker lyrical shade to this rich single stemming from Lead singer Katie Lynch's "obsession with nothingness" and her own "relationship with faith”. Questions of an Ontological nature are not a common trope of 'pop'-songs by any means, but then again ST.MARTiiNS aren't your typical 'pop' band and their ability to push against conventions lyrically and musically gives the group a sense of originality and authenticity.

This idiosyncratic quality is furthered by the dream-pop singles arrangement, 'Want God' is a welcome breath of fresh air, with lean guitar work and snippy vocal lines sparingly applied to memorable effect; demonstrating convincingly that the dreamier end of the indie-pop genre need not be dominated by expansive meandering legatos of increasingly convoluted riffage.

'Want God'  is wonderful, rewarding listen. Indie bands take note.


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