Venus - 'Sour'

Yorkshire based rockers VENUS have been making something of a name for themselves up north with a heavy guitar sound and punky brashness that is isn't afraid to throw that aforementioned weight around. The Leeds based 5-piece have become a real underground success and staples of the live circuit, with their Riot Grrrl aesthetic and on the nose politics backing up the significant heft of their forceful sound.

 Out now via Monomyth Records 'Sour' is the latest hold-no-punches single from the VENUS Grrrls and kicks off aggressively into a chugging palm muted riff. This thick assault of sound is unrelenting and only expands taking on a slight 80's flare with it's big vocal chorus, backed up by bold lead guitar work and epic synth harmonies.

Bold, direct, demanding of attention this is one great rock song.

[*Photo Credit: Sophie Jouvenaar]


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