Parrot Dream - 'Woven'

Dreamy shoegazers Parrot Dream have released their latest intricate, absorbing single 'Woven', in what is their first outing since the release of the Brooklyn-Santiago duo's critically acclaimed debut 'Light Goes' (Available now via Goodeye Records).

'Woven' is an enveloping work which blankets the listener in its soft warming furls of atmospheric sound. So composite are the audible textures on 'Woven' that they are almost tactile; the light and shade of the delicate guitar work is expertly coloured by the emotive vocals and kaleidoscopic synths of Christina Hansen Appel, while the intricate drumming which underpins the track neatly stitches together these rich layers into a elegant, silky garb.

This is a great listen, and comes with the welcome news that it is part of a three-song set of Light Goes: B-Sides, which means more is on the way!


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