Faultress - 'Beating Heart'

Our hearts skipped a beat upon hearing the vascularly arresting mix of minimal electronica and spoken word of London based solo artist Faultress, whose music transfuses complex notions of feminine power, desire and mental health into visceral conceptual works, that move with an anatomic fluidity .

Challenging a moment of intimacy with an unfaltering intelligence, her latest effort 'Beating Heart (an ode to oxytocin)' puts post-coital bliss under an electron microscope, instigating an intravenous introspection of the role of bonding hormones with regards to human relations.

Sonically thin, verging upon the anemic in terms of it's instrumentation, what 'Beating Heart' lacks in backing it more than makes up for in fevered rhythms and an arterially throbbing lyrical pulse.

'Beating Heart' is taken from Faultress' forthcoming EP '5 Myths' out November 8th.


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