Ali Morris - 'Colours'


Peruvian songstress Ali Morris (FKA Zophy Ohr) has just dropped her debut three track EP '333', showing off her versatility as a singer as well as her ambitious intent as a recording artist, offering up three entirely distinct but perfectly formed works of modern pop. 
Eartly Pleasures choice cut 'Colours' sparkles with a sprightly skipping synths and intoxicatingly heady rhythms, floridly blossoming out of an unassuming (and effortlessly cool) finger snapped opening into a vibrant pop banger. 'Colours' is a delightfully surprising track, though lyrically tinged with feelings of nostalgia, 'Colours' remains refreshingly light thanks to Ali's ebullient vocal performance and the songs memorable eponymous refrain. Emotionally vivid, thanks to the rich hue of its arrangement and Ali's dazzling performance, 'Colours' takes us on a music journey celebrating human connections and the nature of personal growth. 
Elsewhere on the alliterative EP 'Courage' offers a delicate soul searching piano ballad, while Spanish language track 'Cuando', saunters and sways to the infectious rhythms of contemporary latin, mixing its reggaeton feel with a powerful and uplifting vocal performance. 
'333' is does exactly what any first EP should. While the collection serves an excellent introduction to the multifaceted, cross-genre and cross-cultural aspects of Ali Morris as an artist, it also says something about the outlook that unifies her work, specifically the notion music and human experience is something optimistic and universal. We can't wait to hear more.  

[*Photo Credit: Valeria Morris]


  1. Buenísima música, hasta me imaginé un video super juvenil, con niños, ancinos, todas las edades.... éxitos Ali Morris. Me encantó.!


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