Kamikaze Girls - 'Seafoam' (album preview)

DIY punk darlings Kamikaze Girls release their debut album 'Seafoam' June 9, 2017. We've had a listen and it is simply awash with the equally fuzzy and jangly riot grrrl sound the band do so well.

 After opening with the somber ballad 'One young Man' (which deals with vocalist and guitarist Lucinda Livingstone’s feelings of anxiety and depression following a robbery) the group quickly shift gear and move into full on frenetic rock mode with hard hitting tracks like 'Teenage feelings', 'KG goes to the pub' and 'Deathcap'. This is good stuff particularly with the harder, faster tracks finding balance alongside their more measured counterparts such as the angsty guitar anthem 'Good for Nothing' and the stripped and contemplative 'Weaker than'.

Nearing the albums end Kamikaze Girls depart entirely from the poppy immediacy of the earlier songs, and at Seafoam's close make room to explore new ground with the dreamier feeling 'unhealthy love', and album highlight 'Sad Forever'; which is both lyrically spot-on, as well as being musically the most ambitious track on the album. 'Seafoam' is a great listen, a welcome follow on to the groups' critically acclaimed debut EP SAD; You can pre-order 'Seafoam' now via Kamikaze Girls bandcamp: https://kamikazegirls.bandcamp.com/


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