Calva Louise - 'Getting Closer'

Calva Louise are easily one of the most compelling live groups currently active in the UK, I was lucky enough to see this group on tour earlier this year and was blown away. Jess Allanic’s guitar playing is put simply a joy to behold; so I was thrilled to discover they had new material recorded.

Their new single ‘Getting Closer’ (Released 10th November via Modern Sky) lived up to all my expectations. Opening with a ridiculously derivative bass riff, wonky calliope-esque guitar sounds, and sing-song vocals; this twee beginning is all a set up; a foil to the utterly soul annihilating torrents of distortion which flow seemingly from nowhere.

‘Getting closer is about identity crisis’… you don’t say! I mean really, the level of calculated understatement behind those words is so cunning its practically Machiavellian; This is what I love about Calva Louise, their sense of humour. They’re so witty and irreverent to the extent that one cannot help but feel charmed. I wish there were another hundred bands like them, but I have a feeling they’re totally unique. 


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