Happy Hollows - 'On The Wave'

Happy Hollows have gone all retro synth and we love it!

 Yesterday the free spirited US alt-rockers unveiled the new video to their track 'On The Wave'; a sci-fi themed visual spectacular.

 Musically 'On The Wave' is a step forward for a group who have always dabbled with electronic elements but never brought them to the fore preferring to allow Sarah Negahdari's exceptional guitar skills shine (see tracks like 'Amethyst', 'Folding road').

 With 'On the wave' the guitar takes a step back and in its wake we find a combination of thick saw-tooth mid tones, an intricate weave of driving arpeggiators, and ringing 80's aero toms; this is clear and confident step into dancehall synth-pop.

 In terms of production again this feels like a step up. With Sarah's vocals finally being taken to their full potential with spring reverb accentuating the natural lilt of her powerful vocals.

 FFO Kate Jackson & the Wrong Moves, White lies.


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