The Pop Guns - 'We Don't Go Round There Anymore'

So one of my regular hangouts for my weekly new music fix is Freshonthenet and last week I had the pleasure of stumbling across the jangly foot tapping guitar pop of South Coast based 'The Pop Guns'

 'We Don't Go Round There Anymore' is the second single to be taken from the groups 'Sugar Kisses' album & I could see this track going down a storm somewhere like Indietracks or Indiefjord. Upbeat and hooky, the  infectiously cheery vibes struck me instantly. It's a real foot tapping, warming piece of indie-pop a perfect countermeasure to the cold winter weather.

While the recording of drums on a lot of indie-pop tends to be a little bit too dainty I was taken aback by the depth of the thunderous alt-rock snare & tom sound on this track; when paired with the sharp, cutting guitar tone, grounded bass and slightly rough edged vocals which whoop joyously in the outro 'We Don't Go Round There Anymore' has all the makings of an Indie pop classic.


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