Sleepclub - 'Cut You'

Cut you is the debut single from Australian dream-pop outfit Sleepclub; the music video uploaded on 14th December has a charming DIY feel to it, utilizing extreme closeups to accentuate strong emotive quality of the accompanying music.

 'Cut you' is a textbook example of dream-pop; wistfully lingering vocal notes elongate each verse  deepening sentiment and amplifying the impact of each chord change. As repeated melodic sequences and lyrical hook's expand a sense of deep encompassing rumination, we're led on-wards by the somber evenly paced bass-line which underpins the track.   

 With a slightly mathy drumfeel spacing out sparse snare-strikes around some Bossa Nova style accentuated tom accents; kit-wise this is a rhythmically intriguing track which flirts with notions art rock and the sound of groups like Warpaint.


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