Taiacore - 'Not Boring Like You'

 Spanish Wonky-Pop duo Taiacore make for an addictive listen. Their latest single 'Not Boring Like You' (released 29th Nov on Paul Back Music) was a deserved flavor of the month back in Spain catching the attention of Que Musica, Insonoro, Mi Rollo es el Inide; but this absolute banger of a pop song somehow remained anonymous in the English language press (despite the groups  English language vocals).

 With big 80's Synths bursting underneath popcorn arpeggiator sounds, rhythmic clapping and even hints of surf rock guitar it's a real sonic hodgepodge so far out of left field we were taken aback by how quickly it got us humming along.

 It's a bit hard to pin down but a track like this would probably stand up well against the works of UK groups like Metronomy and that is a big compliment. 'Not Boring Like You?' - We agree 100%, one of our favorite releases of 2017 no question about it.



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