Dublin's BARQ are one of those groups you can't help but take notice of. A "pop" band playing straight out of left-field, pioneering a genre they call ‘Agrosoul’, a sound which is an audible fusion of elements lifted from soul, trip-hop and new wave. It's an interesting mix, and one which we think works.

 The bands latest offering, the aptly named single 'SASSY MOUTH', is a total ear-worm and is propelled by the undeniably brilliant lyrical flow, and vocal technique of front-woman Jess Kav. Moving with ease from punchy rhythmically intriguing staccato verses to bigger more obviously "soul" inspired chorus' Kav brings this track to life with her infectious energy. 

This is a great listen, one chorus is all it takes to become hooked; a big vocal, stabbing guitar chords, processed through pedal boards into something emotive and otherworldly, and an explosive drum sequence that thrusts on-wards before evolving into something altogether more mathy and progressive. More please.


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