HAWK - 'Keeps Me Out'

Dominated by clattering, angular percussion HAWK's new single 'Keeps Me Out' see's the shoegaze leaning alt-rockers return in fine form. The jagged, staggering rhythms on this track, makes for a wonderful backing to Julie Hawk's soothing vocals which seem to have descended from some distant Elysian plane.   

We continue to be a sucker on Earthly Pleasures for ambient intros, so it brings us much joy to report that the opening white noise type synth swell which sets up 'Keeps Me Out' would be just as at home in a really intense Darkwave ballad or as backing to some bleak strobing images in a David Lynch film.

This is a killer alt rock proto-anthem; textured, heavy hitting, just one more reason HAWK continue to be one of our EP favorites


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