Twist Helix - 'Ouseburn'

Happy International Womens Day! Of course on Earthly Pleasures every day is #IWD

Being a female positive music blog that talks about girls who play guitars (or anything else for that matter), we're always striving to place ourselves at the vanguard of women in emerging music. While our original purpose was to redress what we saw was an imbalance of insightful coverage into the work of female artists, one year into our mission we continue with a renewed vigor which can only be attributed to excitement and pride we feel in championing rising female artists.

We pride ourselves in being among the first to switch onto the music of amazing artists like 'Didi', 'Bulow' and 'Duck who have gone from strength to strength this year as we ourselves have grown in our scope and ambition. Another great artist we introduced last year was Anglo-Iberian electro popsters Twist Helix, brainchild of the Spanish born singer Bea Garcia.

Twist Helix, really are a force to be reckoned with. Having formed in the North of England this compact three piece produce a vivacious, animated form of indie electronica that is completely their own. Their latest single 'Ouseburn' takes its name from a hip stretch of canal side in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and celebrates the flourishing arts scene that has sprung up alongside what was literally a post industrial back water.
Lyrically rooted in the quotidian, Garcia's lyrics evoke a sense of shared solidarity among the artists agglomerated by the riverbank; noting the shared communal experience of smokers shivering in the cold, the intertwining of influence as sounds from a rehearsal room invade a poetry reading, and the all encompassing presence of art as a graffiti tag 'GRIM' looms over the valley like a Geordie equivalent of the eyes of TJ Eckleburg. It's remarkably intelligent stuff and yet somehow unencumbered; it's catchy, dance-able and makes you feel good, and that is the songs real triumph.

 'Ouseburn' is above all a work of shimmering, effervescent pop with a strong synth lead. Tracks like this restore my faith, that the joyous, uninhibited fun of indie-disco isn't dead.

 Ouseburn was released 09/02/18 via Paul Back Music


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