Control Top - 'Type A'

"Oh my god" was my reaction on hearing 'Type A' the latest Single from the jaggedly angualar Philadelphia based Post-Punks's Control Top; With a prominent machine gunning guitar riff, which strafes boisterous Siouxsie Siouxesque verses in a staccato "rat-a-tat-tat" there's something immediately appealing to this snarling punk rock banger.

 The band, long active in the Philadelphia DIY scene, garnered some recognition back in 2016 for their Self titled EP; However with the release of 'Type A' it's fair to say that the band have finally came into their stride. Blistering and raucous, Ali Carter's vocals have now achieved a feel and ferocity that place's her up there with the best frontwomen of her generation.

 'Type A' is taken from Control Top's upoming debut LP, 'Covert Contracts'


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