Kississippi - Sunset Blush

We might just have found our new favourite axe wielding front-woman in the form of Philadelphia's 'Kississippi' AKA Zoe Reynolds. Following years of experimentation, in search of her authentic voice and sound Kississippi has just digitally released her debut full length album, the evocatively titled 'Sunset Blush'.

A to the point ten track slice of alternative perfection, 'Sunset Blush' is in no way lacking in variety. Where tracks like 'Once good' and 'Cut yr Teeth' deliver instant gratification, for those in search of a quick fix of brilliantly nuanced guitar-rock, it is with the more slow burning and progressive tracks, such as 'Shamer' (which uses electronic percussion) that Kississippi really can be said to be at her most original.

All in all 'Sunset Blush' makes for an excellent listen. Throughout the record Reynold's Delicate lyrical delivery, exudes nothing but brilliance; subtlety nestled within dominating guitar and percussion, her lyrics are imbued with a tangible fragility, which one cannot fail to at first appreciate, and ultimately be moved by.

Sunset blush goes on UK/EU Physical Release via Alcopop! Records Spring 2018


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