MOLTENO - 1000 Moons

"Let's move to space 🌙" remarks London based dream-pop artist MOLTENO in the Soundcloud descriptor to her latest celestially reaching single '1000 Moons'; An otherworldly and inspiring three minutes of alternative pop perfection.

Opening with much shimmering atmospheric trickery '1000 Moons' is a track which invests heavily in the vocal performance of guitarist-singer Jess Molteno and it pays dividends. Deeply expressive, Jess' voice captures the listener instantly, and carries this impressive song, inspiring a sense of vigour and vitality to a single which is dependent on a feeling of constant build. As Jess' soaring voice rises and rises, the listener is left with a sense of constant tantalizing expectation; the result of this brilliantly executed experimental folk root.

Scintilating and immersive from the outset, the track takes a somewhat unexpected pop turn towards the end. Introducing gentle percussion, warming synth strings and a delicate pop hook. What more could we ask for?

A Bestival veteran with upcoming live dates including the Isle of Wight Festival, MOLTENO is a definite one to watch.


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