Valeras - 'Louder'

'LOUDER, LOUDER!' the recurring thought which struck us while listening to the aptly named new single from Valeras.

 Picking up where they left off with their 2017 'Knives & Flowers' EP, 'Louder' is three odd minutes of scorching fuzzed up alt rock, from a band who cannot fail but deliver a satisfying wallop with every chorus.

Slithering along to the rhythms of a grounded over-driven bass guitar, there's a venomous quality to 'Louder' from the get go; a constant anticipation of the stinging bite vocalist Katie King promises to deliver. As echoing guitars are punctuated by sizzling cymbals and a thumping snare the set up for the this songs big antithetic hook of 'Louder! Louder! I'll scream it for you Louder!' is perfect.


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