Grungy guitar popsters MOANING LISA know how to make a serious racket and have deeply impressed with their latest single 'Good'.

Released 07th June via Hysterical Records 'Good' is on first listen an overdriven, riff heavy blast of resurgent alternative-rock; akin to the thundering anthems that Sonic Youth achieved on tracks like 'Kool Thing'.

However beneath this angsty snarl of the lead guitar are layers of subtle, nuanced textures lent from shoegaze and contemporary dream pop. The vocal production for instance, is resonant; elongating the rich melodies, which are embedded into the melee of guitar. And while the noise can at times come in an almost torrential out pour, there is little wash, with the instruments mixed so that one can discern individual details through the storm... the steady current of the bass, the cymbals that splash and ping, pleasantly above the surface.

The perfect mix of melody and fuzz 'Good' is a scintillating listen from the intelligent Canberra fourpiece.


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