PYSJ - 'Om Song'

Amidst all this summer heat, 'Om Song' the latest offering from shimmering art-pop duo PYSJ was a much needed breeze of cool air. From its glacially chilled opening, the soaring vocals of Solveig Isis Sørbø, flit expressively between the accompanying, impressionistic piano-playing.

Happily, the ice-cool quality of this decidedly left-field track is not overwhelming, and as the song progresses it achieves an interesting thaw as a minimalist electronic beat is introduced. This, along with the subtle layers of additional instrumentation, steer the track into an accessible contemporary sound, a familiar neo-progressive territory which will appeal to fans of groups like Samaris or London Grammar.

All in all, 'Om Song' offers fresh, crisp, ideas packed art-pop with detectable jazzy leanings.


  1. Wow, massive thanks to you! This is so much more than I could ever dare to expect from my first ever review! Solveig / PYSJ

  2. Beautiful ,pretty voice ,smooth and soft ,i adore this work


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