Black Belt Eagle Scout - 'Soft Stud'

(Photo Credit: JASON QUIGLEY)

Multi instrumentalist Katherine “KP” Paul aka 'Black Belt Eagle Scout' is easily one the most exciting artists to break out of the US this year. Paul's debut album 'Mother of My Children' (Out now via, Saddle Creek) is brimming with intelligent alternative rock tracks that are informed by her radical indigenous queer feminist politics.

Lead single and opening track 'Soft Stud' is not only an earnest and heartbreaking queer anthem; it is also (and i don't say this lightly) the best rock song we have ever had on this blog. Roaring into life with a very Neil Young and Crazy Horse like quality to the sludgy, proto-grunge guitar tone, 'Soft Stud' judders along with a throaty wheeze of rasping overdrive that will appeal to the most seasoned of listeners.

'Soft Stud' is an aurally tough and gritty single, yet there is also a tangible delicateness to the song; The lo-fi tinge of the drums and guitar in a way amplifies the vocals moving focus to that unforgettable lyrical refrain of "need you, want you". Four words that are so simple yet arresting, tragic yet beautiful; moving the listener profoundly as Black Belt Eagle Scout dives deep into the tracks emotional depth.

This is an incredible single, by an incredible talent, we can't recommend this track enough.


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