Maria Kelly - 'June'

Here at Earthly Pleasures we continue to be absorbed by the sophisticated atmospheric alt-folk sounds of Maria Kelly. Her most recent single 'June' (the first release off of her upcoming four track EP notes to self) pulls at the heartstrings, as gentle finger picked guitar slowly extracts Kelly's confessional lyrics.

 June is a mellow, contemporary ballad, which intriguingly employs reversed guitar effects to intimate a sense of rumination. While the lead acoustic sound strives forward, it occupies a curious audible space in the mix never becoming dominant, perhaps hinting that the emotions behind the track are still in process.

As sparse amplified second guitar notes ring out, and brittle muted percussion is introduced, an atmosphere of fragility swells unto the tracks uncertain close. It's a tantalizing glimpse into the emotional depth we can expect from the new release. We can't wait to hear more   


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