Badison - 'Slave'

If there's anything to shake those January blues it's the chirpy 80's inspired electro-pop sound of Düsseldorf based producer Badison.

Bursting at the seams with infectious pop hooks and sweetly chiming synths her latest single 'Slave', is a decidedly satisfying listen. From the initial swelling fizz of electronics, the single explodes into life with softly delivered vocals floating airily above the reverb soaked drum loops that Badison has spruced up (presumably drawing on her background in percussion to sneak in these tasteful fills).

Surprisingly for all it's kitsch nods to 80's pop there's also a hint of performative angst to 'Slave', that is perhaps more in keeping with modern pop music. At once melancholic and melodic 'Slave' is as much Pale Waves as it is Pet Shop Boys making for an idiosyncratic pop sound worthy of further attention.

 Badison has worked the remarkable trick of retaining retro appeal whilst remaining contemporary.



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