Rina Mushonga - 'For A Fool'

Released January 16th Via PIAS Recordings, 'For A Fool' is the latest tempestuous pop single from London based Dutch-Zimbabwean experimental pop artist Rina Mushonga.

Breaking like a wave on the shore 'For A Fool' erupts in a polyphonic swell of synths, sequencers and drum samples; sweeping the listener away on a sea of exquisitely textured electronic pop. It is an exhilarating and excitable listen, plunging into the depths of heart-ache, with an intelligent arrangement which ebbs and flows as Rina Mushonga's evocative vocals skillfully navigate these stormy seas.

'For A Fool' comes with news of a new album from Rina Mushonga, inspired by Ovid's classic poem Metamorphoses. The new release 'In A Galaxy' is slated for release February 15th, and if the Deucalionian flood of 'For A Fool' is anything to go by will be nothing short of an epic itself.


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