DOMI - 'Let Me Follow'

UK based dark Pop group DOMI have seriously impressed with their debut track 'Let Me Follow'.

Mysterious and intense, with some commendably progressive instrumentation, 'Let Me Follow' manages to combine some of the best elements of the Norwegian pop and British Electronica to create an intricate and forward thinking pop single.

Opening with a tense pendulum swing of synth bass notes, the track leaves an immediate impression, as front woman Dominica's atramentous vocals drip over the black backdrop of percussive knocking and mysterious scraping sounds.

Rhythmically anxious, the track moves from a jittery twitch of overly-caffeinated cross-sticks into a thrusting dance beat, making for a restless yet satisfyingly direct feel.

Cold to the point of being icily sharp, 'Let Me Follow' is a fantastic debut.


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