ROCH - 'Blackbird'

Prepare to have your breath taken away by the bewitching magical-pop of ROCH (London based artist, Kate Miller) and her spellbinding atmospheric single 'Blackbird'.

With an otherworldly quality from the outset, 'Blackbird' immediately challenges the listener with an uncanny loop of muted percussion and glitching electronics, gradually building tension as mysterious tonal additions including audible exhaling and synthesized drone noises are added to the mix at angular intervals.

Once the listener is drawn in, and the tension reaches it's peak, it slowly dissipates as a discernible melody begins to take form, with gentle finger picked guitar work slowly ushering in ROCH's delicate organically produced alto vocals, which helps sooth the tracks dramatic, supernatural edge.

 As 'Blackbird' develops lyrically it becomes apparent that the narrative of this already peculiar and unfamiliar single will take place in the form of a conversation between singer and animal, in an inspired bout of magical-realism that challenges the listener to part with accepted norms.

Written by ROCH and Produced with Ben Christophers (Bat For Lashes, Nakhane),  'Blackbird' is perhaps one of the strangest and yet most beautiful songs we've featured on Earthly Pleasures, a spellbinding listen, that will stay with the listener long after the music stops.

We can't wait to hear more.


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