GOLD MASS - 'Mineral Love'

Gloomily minimalist on the surface, the intense electronic and vocal compositions of independent Italian artist GOLD MASS often belie a stirring cinematic quality dormant beneath the shadowy depths of her brooding soundscapes.

'Mineral Love' is the fifth single to be released from Gold Mass' forthcoming debut album 'Transitions' [Due for release 14th June] and it's dark, tormented sound explores what remains after a violent quarrel. With glitching vocals combining with the sharp jolts of acoustic percussion there's a pervading sense of tension to 'Mineral Love' , which is only tentatively diffused by the contrasting sweetness of the synth strings and grand piano which guide the track into it's mysterious, emotionally uncertain resolution.

An ambitious, and moving single, with a particularly sophisticated blending of traditional and electronic instrumentation, on 'Mineral Love'  GOLD MASS has demonstrated her evident mastery of atmospheric composition, taking the listener on the most intriguing of journeys. Whilst the ultimate destination of the single remains uncertain, for our money we wouldn't be surprised if 'Mineral Love' eventually arrived on the soundtrack for a feature film. 


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