Cheerbleederz - 'Say 2 U'

It's only January and I dare say the good folks at Alcopop! Records really are spoiling us this year. Yesterday we brought news of an excellent new release due at the end of the month from Danish rockers Nelson Can and barely a day later comes news that London based indie-punk supergroup, Cheerbleederz (feat. members of Happy Accidents, FRESH, Finish Flag) will have a four track EP out in Febraury; presumably timed precisely to soak up the remaining credits from my Christmas stocking-filler (a bandcamp gift-card).

The second EP to come from Cheerbleederz, 'Lobotany' according to the band has "themes of beginning new friendships—both platonic and romantic—as well as reflections on self esteem, vulnerability and sticking up for yourself.” Lead track 'say 2 u' is essentially a love song that's afraid to commit, and for that it's quite charming, swaying back and forth between uncertain, heartbeat skipping guitar notes and softly ruminating vocal ellipsis. 

There's a lot to like about Cheerbleederz sound, from the deliberately askewed vocal harmonies which emphasize points of lyrical tension, to the purposeful bouts of quiet-loud which the three piece use as effectively as any golden-oldie from the height of alt-rock. The latter functions exceptionally well on 'say 2 u', while it does add to the pre-existing sense of liminality, in it's final iteration it is paired with a hesitant decay, as the song fades out so does the the energy suggesting that this final flourish may have all been bravado leaving the listener to dwell on the faltering confidence of what we know to be a vulnerable lyrical protagonist.

'Say 2 U' is taken from the forthcoming EP 'Lobotany' due for release 7th Feb 2020.


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