Amy Milner - "Plans"

Suffolk-based Amy Milner might just have penned the perfect uplifting indie anthem in her latest single "Plans", the title track from her new EP (out now via EKT Records).

 A dramatic, expansive number, "Plans" moves in leaps of inspirational impulse. Opening with a pensively sketched guitar loop, the song is soon fleshed out with richly coloured interlocking vocal lines, before finally developing into a vibrant Gesamtkunstwerk, pulling on a canon of disparate influences from (indie-folk to electronica) to create a gripping, theatrical work of story telling.

As Milner Explains:

"Plans" is an expression of reassessment and hope upon meeting someone who puts the heart back into living, opens your eyes to things you didn't realise mattered so much[...] The song brings together two people who are largely opposite in character, making the pull of each to the other quite unexpected. No matter how successful you could become in your job, or skillful you might be in your discipline, the key to true contentment is surely to love, be loved and spread happiness by embracing your own?"

'Plans' is a stunning effort, poignant yet uplifting, the single is a real masterpiece of song-craft showcasing the full scope of her creative partnership with producer and long-term collaborator Tim Larcombe (Lana Del Rey/Halsey).

Drop whatever you're doing right now and listen.


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