HAVVK - 'Operate'

Shoe-gazing Irish rockers HAVVK continue to impress, having first captured our hearts back in March of 2018, in 2019 that the band have blossomed into a seemingly unstoppable force on the alt-rock scene, with tracks like The Factory offering their listeners a much needed injection of intelligent, yet immediate indie alternative guitar music.  

  HAVVK's latest offering, a quirky retro-futurist music video to their track 'Operate', sees the band, borrow from the musical vernacular of David Bowie using of space as metaphor for bodily and emotional dislocation.

Playfully kitsch, the video is a vibrant colorful affair of vidal sassoon bob cuts and star trek enson inspired jerseys, set before a lo-fi fantasy backdrop. It sends off the 60's sci-fi vibe perfectly, and better still, it does so with a subtle humor, that manages to extract some of the underlying warmth that has always been faintly present in HAVVK's music, showing that it's not all gloom, doom in the vacuum of space.

Taken from HAVVK's highly anticipated debut album 'Cause & Effect' (Released 22nd November 2019) , musically 'Operate' sums up precisely what HAVVK do best; a masterpiece in mesmerizingly hypnotic guitar work, with a momentum of it's own, that when accompanied by Julie's at once soaring yet urgent vocal lines takes the listener to somewhere, strange and unexpected. 

A great watch and listen, taken from an easy contender for our album of the year.  'Cause and Effect' is absolutely essential listening.



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