It's almost a year to the day since we last heard from bewitching alt-folk storyteller Rosi Croom aka Faultress, having last featured her somewhat niche neurological neo-folk nocturne for neuropeptides 'Beating Heart' back in September 2019. 

Returning in 2020 with a new self released EP titled 'Creatures' released today, Faultress’ latest release intelligently examines themes of loneliness and fractured mental health, with Rosi's stark yet striking mix of electronic a capella vocals serving as the perfect vehicle for these intimate, reflections.   

'Creatures' is a succinct EP, consisting of four exquisitely balanced tracks each composed with the aforementioned intimacy in mind. Immediately striking is the tangible closeness of the listener to Rosi's captivating voice, thanks in equal parts to Faultress' spellbinding performance and to the work of sound designer and producer Agon Branza who prepared the songs produced specifically for headphones.

Our choice pick from the EP is lead track 'Owl', which illuminates the quotidian routines of urban nightlife through complex use of anthropomorphic metaphor and intriguingly poetic lyricism.

‘I watch the humans lit in silhouette 
 the electronic lights and warming beds 
and I will soon go from here  
and they will never know that I was there 
I’m independent, solitary, free.’


  1. Thank you so much for reviewing. This is is so lovely x


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